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I discovered at a very early age I had a fascination for horses, and admired their strength and beauty.  As I grew up and visited local racetracks and farms, I learned to appreciate their agility, power and speed. It was no surprise then, when I turned my other love, photography, to horse racing. I have been involved with equine photography for thirty years.

In 1992 I became the track photographer at Thistledown Racetrack, outside of Cleveland, Ohio. I enjoy my occupation immensely and it is a delight to go to the racetrack.  In 1998 I travelled to Franklin, Kentucky to become the track photographer at Kentucky Downs, an all turf racing facility. This yearly jaunt became my 'working vacation' for a dozen years. In 2009 I became the track photographer at Northfield Park in Northfield, Ohio.

Today I focus primarily on the photography in the equine industry.

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